yesterday i was doing some bike riding at the gym for an upcoming, tbd hoohah, and realized that the old (at LEAST 60+) dude next to me was riding faster than me. so all 24 years of me got pissed and pedeled away, sweating and swearing and vowing to not let an old fart be faster than moi. we raced away, with me pulling ahead, and then him, with JT singing in my ears, and serious pit stains on my shirt.

when the dude got off his bike 8 MILES later, it became clear that even if I had pulled ahead in the final stretch he really won, as the dude had a PROSTHETIC LEG. for serious.


things that i had forgotten about, but recently remembered:

- that one time in pittsburgh when the homeless lady chased me around the library with a knife
- how much i love guacamole
- that montel is the worst show on tv
- a daily bath is the bomb
- babies smell bad sometimes
- how often i madeout in the movies in high school
- mom+dad=awesome
- if i'm outside, i'm happy
- rilo kiley is a pretty good life soundtrack