i'm off to seattle and nyc. i've got blank postcards and colored pencils, and i'm going to mail moses and theo (my favorite nearly 4 and nearly 2 year olds) a note each day, chronicling my trip. i already have high hopes of today's picture: me riding an airplane. yes, like bronco style. maybe i'll be lassoing a cloud.
i'll probably have to draw me getting drunk for tomorrow's picture. they'll like that.


It’s been a quiet few days again—especially so today, as the power was out at the office, and even with grants due on Friday I had to come back home, and rest, and wait.

Things are about to get a little nutty, which is always one of my favorite anticipations. I’m heading to seattle for a wedding of a high school friend, and then out to New York City for a few days with friends.

Both events are a little trickier than they seem—the wedding is really a ‘renewal of vows’ for a friend who married a girl to keep her in the country. I don’t know how much of it is love, and how much is just pragmatic, and if she’s really the one for my him. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing old friends, and dancing, and all of that fun. I’ve got a sassy pink dress, and gold shoes, and Seattle is always a good time.

New York is tricky in another way—a good friend’s mom is approaching death, and my friend isn’t able to talk about it, so I’m going to just sit with her, and silently hope for a peaceful passage. All the rest and quiet of the past few days seem to be preparing me for this, getting me ready to send healing to others, instead of needing to hoard it for my own getting though, my own daily pressings.

So bring on the planes, and the cocktails and 3 am and familiar faces. Can’t wait.


bonnaroo was all dirt and sulpher and sun. it was also my two favorite red heads, and red beans and rice, and dancing. a shirtless sting, big dirty fountain and hot rum were also bonnaroo. it was a short drive home, long sleepless nights, and black nostrils.

elvis says 'thumbs up bonnaroo'