the last of the best friends from home got married in portland this weekend, and the event was all grey sky and vintage dresses. the vows brought me to tears, especially the last line that said "whenever i think of you, i will feel a twinge of surprised delight that i found you"

jana, the 10 year old cousin, and the wedding officiant and i busted serious moves on the dance floor, surrounded by floaty champagne filled friends and family. i had the same old coming home hangover feeling...that the weekend was something dreamt, that i can't quite remember all the details, that things here have harder edges and louder sounds.


i'm headed to portland to witness the last of the high school best friends wedding. it makes me officially The Single Friend, but i'm bored with being worried or sad or embarrassed about that.

i'm instead embracing all The Single Friend duties, including, but not limited to:
- look smoking at the wedding.
- make phallic looking appetizers for the bachlorette party.
- drink dirty martinis.
- buy the bride really expensive, really hot lingerie.
- kiss up on single boys at the wedding.

i'm 100% confident that i can perform my duties well. i'll let you know.