texts currently in my inbox:

no go on the jello shots o well
upstairs or downstairs bedroom?
Dr. Apt Tomorrow at 9AM!!
Have a shot ready in 7 minutes
I'm not your beach, bitch
New comic
mind blowing indeed
dad is bottling wine. call if you can!
so happy.
eli has a slight case of downs syndrome
feeling much better though i am feeling it in my vagina so maybe she is turning head down
and i thought assgrab was bad
watching people eat is hard
want some company in the morn?
how heavy is our bookshelf without anything in it?
uh oh egg jacuzzi
i've sustained more head injurys than i've had sexual partners
remember when you were gonna wear pasties?
file under: "dating, yes it really is this wack":

on friday night a boy (i had seen once before) leaned over and bit my shoulder. at the beginning of the night.

yeah, it was a short night.