(oh yes)
i went on some more blind dates. one (in fact) i found interesting and smart, though admittedly mildly douche-y. we drank wine, and he spoke quip-y and fast, and i spoke slow and silly and we laughed and ha ha! a person my age who is together and ambitious and kind! whhhhhha?

oh yes, and then we met to go dancing, and he made out with every girl on the dance floor except me, and i remembered "first impression was douche-a-roo. guess you know more than you think you do. "


work has been all WHEE-OOO-WHEE-OOO CRAZY WORK SIREN, and the big (capital E!) Event was yesterday and it went well, and people loved it, and my! job! was! done!

but i still woke up at 4 am last night, worried about what's ahead. is this perpetual? vacation next week, and whew.


my sister is pregnant. exploding anticipation, love, and all of the warm fizzie fuzzies. baby baby sissy love.