oh oh oh! looky here---returning to past things. it's been over a year! and oh my hell. i mean really: a new house, a new(ly public) relationship, a new plan.

i hate all that big big catching up talk, even when it's me and my best friend that i haven't seen in seven months, i just want the NOW how are you NOW what's happening NOW stuff. oh you know.

so, in honor of that:

right now i'm sitting on my (much hated, i've been saving for months to replace) couch with an empty wine glass (same old same old there) next to me, as well as a check from c., the bf, for my old (cracked screen) iphone (told you i'd get one!) that he sold on ebay for me, except it's a little weird as the check still has his (not technically for another month) ex-wife's name on it, so it looks like i'm cashing $170 from her, which is crazy cause she doesn't know about me, but if she did she'd probably want to cut off my ears (or boobs, whatevs).
the (much hated, i've been saving for months to replace) couch is in the living room of the new house with the way too long lawn because oh-my-hell i had an emergency appendectomy last week and i keep thinking i'll mow but i don't want to have to do the laundry (grass clippings make me itch) and also it's been storming like crazy here and even this new-home-owner-novice knows wet grass is no good.
the wet grass is in atl, where i'm still living, and working with the preggies and with the theater but i'm dreaming up my 2010 life and i think it might include a little more of the school (!!!!) and a little less of the managing director hoohah.
all is exciting and well (except for the whole appendix thing, which was a nightmare of fever and drugs and NOT LOSING A SINGLE POUND even though i was on a liquid diet for a week. right?? insanity) and warm. welcome back yo.

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